Forged Hunting Knives Damascus VG10 Steel Fixed Blade Camping Knife Military Tactical Combat Knife Outdoor Survival Rosewood Handle Adventure Jungle Knifes Tool


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Self-defense knife: First and foremost, a knife is a tool. It is a defensive tool when facing wild animals or dangerous people. Grab a knife and use it to help you clear road obstacles. Hunting knife: The knife is not only a collapsible tool, it can be used for hunting if it is tied to a stick as a spear. Skinning knife: If you catch a fish or hare in the wild, use a survival knife to skin or scrape off the scales. Rescue tools knife: During field activities, if a companion or other person is trapped in the car in an accident, you can use a knife to hit the window and cut off the seat belt to help them escape. Cutlery knife: Forgot to bring a fork outdoors? Or chopsticks? Then use the knife as a cutlery, as long as the blade is clean enough..syi